Hello and welcome to Bymusa world...

Musa was my little dog, my gorgeous German Shepherd, my companion, my daughter, my everything.

She crossed the rainbow bridge a few years ago now, but I know Musa is there, somewhere, waiting for me.

So, I decided that until I see her again, one day (somewhere over the rainbow), I would make sure she is always by my side. And ByMusa was born.

ByMusa: because I want to think she helps me creating all the beautiful accessories, and By as a good bye.

Musa was loyal, honest and elegant. Musa gave me everything for nothing. Musa taught me what unconditional love was. ByMusa is her!

ByMusa is 100% designed and handmade in London.

ByMusa is a way of thinking, a way of feeling and a way of life.

Thank you very much for all of you, you helped me make ByMusa possible and most especially to my love for helping me from the other side of the bridge.

Musa & I